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This is an article from the Fest 2009 archive
Bourgeois and Maurice

“One thing we’ve learned about sex,” the magnificently dressed Bourgeois purrs silkily, “is that it often leads to offspring.” The audience flinches momentarily. Bourgeois & Maurice are not the sort of people you would entrust your children to. Not when Bourgeois spends a sizeable part of the show dressed in a pink and green polka-dot sex suit. They might make questionable parent material, but Bourgeois & Maurice both undoubtedly create a visual and aural extravaganza.

Maurice, resembling a much younger and prettier Siouxsie Sioux, plays piano, pouts lustily and gives the word ‘sultry’ an entirely new meaning. Bourgeois, well, you can’t quite describe Bourgeois. He sings. He hollers. He prances. He arrives onstage looking like a giant Christmas decoration – albeit one with three inch eyelashes. “This isn’t a show!” he announces. “This is real life laid bare!”

Together Bourgeois & Maurcie sing songs about tattoos, the nature of stardom and the drudgery of life, all of which are covered in a thick layer of sleazy glamour and sex. These songs are quite simply incredible in content, delivery, and their ability to both shock and amuse. The pick of the bunch is perhaps the charmingly titled If You Don’t Know What to Do with Your Life Then Kill Yourself.

In summary, who cares if this pair has been knocking out kids. We can only hope the little bastards have inherited their parent’s ridiculous talent. God knows the Edinburgh Fringe could do with more people like Bourgeois & Maurice.