Andi Osho's dating experiment continues

The lovelorn comic checks in with Fest regarding her ongoing quest to find romance at the Fringe

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Published 15 August 2011

By day seven of my dating marathon, I'm starting to think I may be doing something wrong. I'm trying to get someone from the audience to go on a date with me after every show but, while I've met some lovely gentlemen, none of them are what I'd describe as 'my type'. Certainly I had very little in common with Kenneth, my date from Monday night. Whilst l like strolls in the park and quiet nights in, it turned out Kenneth likes... men. Actually, perhaps we have too much in common.

To be fair, when I asked if there were any single guys in, he was the only one to reply, so he saved the day. Me, him and his friend had a very pleasant drink in the courtyard... with 100 pairs of prying eyes staring at us.

It's not the first time my date has had a chaperone. Date number 4 had his kids with him. As we strolled round to the bar I trilled "yay. My new family". The kids laughed but I think of them as my date's quality control. 'If you wanna get to this guy, you have to impress us, funny girl.'

In fact, it was a really nice evening and the only date that has actually felt like one (with added kid) rather than the slightly awkward affairs of the previous evenings but still, I can't quite help thinking I need to do things differently.

It is a big ask to expect a guy to declare himself single in front of 174 punters at a comedy gig, then go on a date knowing those same 174 punters will be lurking around the courtyard spying on us like an undercover unit of Keystone Kops.

I suspect there are more single guys in the audience than are letting on, but how do I get them to 'fess up? I'm genuinely stumped. Maybe I could distribute a questionnaire as the audience file in. 'Married, single, other, up for a random date with a comic?' Or perhaps I could just invite blokes I fancy to the show. 'Hey Denzil. What you doing next Monday? It's 2 for 1 in the Courtyard'

If youve got any ideas, tweet me @andiosho. I need a plan because pickings are slim.