Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly

comedy review | Read in About 2 minutes
Tamar Broadbent
Published 11 Aug 2016

Broadbent is pulling herself together after a bad break-up. A friend tells her that you're 25 per cent uglier when you break up with someone, so off she despondently goes, moving her stuff into an abandoned warehouse with a wee smelling kitchen hoping to find her beauty again.

It's hard to believe, as on stage she's radiant, all smiles and lush hair behind the keyboard from which she bangs out show style tunes and soft rock numbers, musing on the break up and pulling herself back together again.

Many of the songs here feature familiar touchstones found in many comedy routines – hipsters and their habits, not looking glam at the gym, Facebook mistakes and bikini waxs, or rather the lack of them. But Broadbent sells them well, with more chutzpah than several performers rolled together.

However, her comedy writing isn't the strongest and a fair few gags within the songs rely on that old classic of the previous line of a song rhyming with a rude word but then she sings something else instead. Elsewhere there is a fair amount of guessable pull back and reveal. But there's a pleasure in that too. Plus there are some great moments – when she discovers her Tinder date is very politically unaware, and a routine about the inequality between the genders when it comes to making films about what guys will stick their penis into.

Overall Broadbent is a charming performer with an enjoyable hour, and her message is a strong one.