Andy Field: Roar

Winner of the Chortle Student Comedy Award 2015

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Andy Field
Published 13 Aug 2016

Many comics would look out on an audience of four people and cancel their show, but would Andy Field? Andy Field would not. You get the feeling many of Andy Field’s daft puns and sketches were developed in the mirror—stupid jokes to make himself laugh—and he would happily play to an empty room. We are privileged to be allowed in. Many comics would get disheartened when a quarter of his audience leave halfway through, but Andy Field only gets funnier.

He’s not even annoyed that it’s the flyerer he employed that day, who did such a bang-up job filling the room. Andy Field has overcome disappointment before. Previous winners of the Chortle Student Comedy award have snatched fame and prestigious slots within a year of winning, but Andy Field has not. There’s every chance that will change. You never know who’s watching. Some comics would think it is tempting fate to ask an audience member if he is a critic. (He is.) Most comics would consider it suicide to ask another audience member the same thing. (She isn't – she is a scout from a major comedy promoter). Almost every comic would melt if faced with that room, and Andy Field wobbles a little, but he is determined that we have a good time – and we do.

It’s tempting to make Andy Field into a metaphor for the true heart of the Fringe, the cliché of a comedian plying his art for the art of it, but he’s not. Andy Field is a talented and silly performer who will make you laugh for an hour, improving your life a little bit for a little while.