Henning Wehn : My Struggle

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Published 18 August 2010

Arriving on stage late, Henning Wehn declares that the audience have a win-win situation on their hands. Even if he's rubbish, everyone can go home with their preconceptions reinforced – after all, Germans aren't supposed to be funny.

Football is a theme that runs throughout the show as he expertly critiques both the ridiculous sense of entitlement and arrogance of English football fans and Scottish football's sectarian culture by tearing into the Rangers terrace song, ‘Bobby Sands, could you go a chicken pie?’

In the past, criticism levelled at Wehn is that he has lacked the depth to sustain the laughs through an hour. However in ‘My Struggle’ he has found the perfect balance, in a performance which sees him handle this task effortlessly.