A Simple Space

Competitive games and a finale of Olympic proportions from Adelaide-based circus

theatre review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 14 Aug 2013

The company members of Adelaide-based circus troupe Gravity & Other Myths come in like the rest of us, through the auditorium. It's not quite a metaphor, but it does give a bit of an idea of what they are about. Dressed for the beach—except for tell-tale wrist support bands—they use low-fi Ikea-style lamps for lighting and perform on the floor rather than the stage. You could almost be forgiven for believing they are indeed like the rest of us. Until the games begin.

Strip-poker skipping starts us off, the losers each peeling a layer until one man is sent packing to the stage to enact his forfeit. Later, a breath-holding endurance test turns into a hand-standoff between an upside down acrobat and his iron-lunged companions – a cheeky comment on the common description of circus acts as "breathtaking"?

This competitive spirit runs throughout the show, and might give a glimpse into exactly how this fivesome got so good. But there's also plenty of teamwork too, as they climb into heroic towers and create striking zig-zag hieroglyphs from multiple bodies.

All good clean superhuman fun, with an edge of beach play and a hearty street theatre vibe. But then we get to the finale. Far be it for Fest to spoil the surprise but let's just say that Jascha Boyce may well be the most fearless woman at the Fringe. Or possibly the world. With the final five minutes, these amiable Aussie chums will stop your heart and leave you speechless.